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Turco Wants




Misc Turco Wants:

All Show Stamped Cards
All ITG/BAP Vault Cards
All 1/1 Cards
All Panini Prime Turco Prime Colors (/11)
All SPGU Supreme Turco Pad/Patch/Stick cards (all years)
All The Cup Turco cards (excluding base and signature patches)
All other higher end UD Stuff (Sweet Shot, Black, Ultimate, etc.)

2002-2003 Needs

UD Victory Silver 66

2003-2004 Needs

UD1 High Gloss (/25)
UD2 Saviors Patch SV4

2004-2005 Needs

UD High Gloss Platnium 59 (/5)

2005-2006 Needs

Black Diamond Gold 94 (/10)
UD MVP Platnium 128 (/25)

2006-2007 Needs

BTP Double Jersey Gold DJ-30 (w/Belfour)
SPGU By the Letters BL-MT (/5)
UD Powerplay Impact Rainbow 34 (/25)
UD Powerplay Specialists Patches PMT (/5)

2007-2008 Needs

UD Artifacts Bronze 71 (/10)
UD Ice Frozen Foursomes F4-MRTM (/5) (w/Modano/Ribeiro/Morrow)

SPGU Authentic Fabrics Fives Patches AF5-PACG (/6) (w/Cujo/Clouts/Giggy/Nabby)

Cup Quad Patch CJ4-BLTK (/5) (w/Brodeur/Luongo/Kipper)

2008-2009 Needs

OPCP Rare Remnants Quad Patch RR4-PTML (/5) (w/Mason/Price/Lehtonen)
UD Collectors Choice Gold Choice Reserve 260 (w/Morrow/Modano)
UD Ovation Jumbo Autograph XLA-MT (????EXISTS????)

2010-2011 Needs

Playoff Contenders NHL Ink Quad Auto #7 (/5) (w/Hossa/Kane/Toews)
Score French Back #140

2013-14 Needs

Panini National Treasures Treasure Chest Patch 3 (/5) (Goalies)

2014-2015 Needs

Artifacts Black Parallel Base Auto 106 (/5)

2015-16 Needs

Artifacts Materials Spectrum 134 (/5) (Patch/Patch)

2021-22 Wants

Black Diamond Team Logo Jumbo Patches Puzzle TLDS-MT
Black Diamond Team Patches Jumbo Alternate Logo Gold TLDS-MT (/5)


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