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About me

Thanks for viewing my site. I am a collector of all cards of Chet Pickard, Calvin Pickard and my main collection which is Marty Turco. I am always willing to buy stuff off any of the wantlists. For anything on the Turco wantlist, I am willing to pay very well for the card along with a finders fee if you can help track down any of the listed cards

If you have anything on any of my wantlists, please email me at timhykawy@shaw.ca


Most Wanted Turcos

1- 03-04 UD2 Saviors Patch SV4
2- 07-08 UD Ice Frozen Foursomes F4-MRTM (/5)
3- 03-04 SPGU Team Threads TTMGT (/15)
4- 07-08 The Cup Patches Quads CJ4-BLGT (/5)
5- 07-08 The Cup Patches Quads CJ4-BLTK (/5)

Incoming Turco Cards

03-04 Pacific Luxury Suite Gold 32 (/10) (with Modano)
05-06 UD Victory Silver 62 (/250)
06-07 UD Artifacts Treasured Patches (/5)



|  timhykawy@shaw.ca

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